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Trusted World

I'm proud to to announce members and builders have now access into the trusted world, use /tr to get there

You can not build or use things, you can only look


here comes the bitchy comments :D ill put money on it

Jam just... No just ugh

Jam plis no, fuck no

Finally, its about time this got implemented

I don't know if I'm happy or sad about this change...

@RedstoneMania I'm neither, I'm just angry.

yes @PyjamaL1ama so am I. :( oh well

I am also quite upset about this update, I feel like the opiniong havent really been fully taken into account whilst this decision was made. Atleast make it so they need a tpa request before being able to enter trusted, and also only be able tojoin for a certain amount of time (15 - 20 mins). Also, wasn't the post discussing this only ment for allowing builders?

I agree with @ArhurValk... only builders.
I don't have an opinion on the time/invitation thingy though.

Worst. idea. ever. :/

Well, I guess the 'COMMUNITY VOTE' thread is pointless then

Ikr, I'm upset about this too @PyjamaL1ama

Actually I believe if you add up the votes, the "yes" vote had more than the "invite only" or the "no vote" (a lot of the "no's" switched to the idea of invite only). Opinion was certainly split on this one.

Strangly, I am not happy about this.

The trusted world should be a motivation for trusted, unless you don't want trusted to be a rank for people to go to. This just... wrecks the rank system, in a way. I... What... why was this idea even popularized in the first place?

Just... sigh

I'm not going to use /tr anytime soon, unless I'm trusted. I suppose members and builders against this should be careful of TPAs and using /tr.

It doesn't really wreck it since you can't actually use the world, you still need trusted to build there, and as far as your expectations go everyone has every right not to go there if they really only wanna see it if they get trusted.

So we will be in spectator mode?

no you're in creative but you cant build and use stuff

Nice to see this! The reasoning for this change is that we only introduced the trusted world because we wanted to give people a place to build huge things without limits. We're an open server and the trusted world is (contrary to popular believe) not a place to hide your stuff from others.

Limiting (build) access is required to prevent grief, otherwise this freebuild world would be destroyed in no time.

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