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Email notifications are working again

You may have noticed that you didn't get any email notifications for replies on for about a week – if not, check your threads for more replies!

The issue is now fixed and was (somewhat) caused by Google and somewhat by myself. I was on holiday and checked for mails on our gmail account. Since Google had never seen someone logging in from that location, it assumed malicious activity and the account was locked until the password was changed.

I changed the password and updated it in our website configuration and notifications should be working again. I'm afraid failed notifications can't be sent again.

Sorry for the trouble!


Thanks jomo! :D

I don't like it I put redstoner under spam >:D

@JamInAJar you can configure what you're getting notifications for in your notification settings :)

thanks jomo muchly appreciated

Thanks Google, they just locked us out of our account again and the password had to be changed as well.

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