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Coding competition!

Redstoner coding competition

Starting tomorrow until Sunday make a game not using any hardcore game engine (unity, source etc) since most things there are already done for you. Pre made bits of code and classes are allowed but only if YOU wrote them. Libraries are allowed such as (pygame, lwjgl, etc...) You can use whatever language you prefer, keep in mind the OS independency.
Up to two people can collaborate to make the game together.

If your game isn't OS independent you get -5 points. (So use openGL) (OSX, WINDOWS, LINUX)

Your code must be uploaded on github along with all the dependencies listed and their sources.
Next sunday (2015-08-16) and no day before post the link to your repository in this thread!

Your code will be judged on :

  • Performance and efficiency of your code. 10 points
  • Organization and aesthetics of your code. 10 points
  • Originality of your game. 5 points
  • Other 20 points
  • TOTAL 45 points


Old but gold

Good luck and have fun!


I'm gone this week so I can't,., great idea though

Good luck to everyone that tries!!!!

This sounds awesome! I'll try it out.

And this is why I feel like I should learn to code xP.

Haven't really got time to learn coding in and out though unfortunately, maybe in the future.

Next time, plan the competition before it happens so people can know not to make plans.

What programming languages aren't allowed?

If you win you automatically get Developer rank :p

So uhmm, no, Im scared of this stuff xD


Oh good. I'll go dig up the 2-player Pong game I made in high school using Java.

Eyyy Nemes! You stole my idea xDDD

Oh and @Nemes , are teams allowed?

Havent coded in over a year dont remember any ._. Tine to try to review maybe

dunno @FullyStealth, maybe read it first?

Is coding for beginners hard btw?

@CookehWedstun I can teach you some python via TS (if I can even bloody talk there) or Skype :D! Just know I'd be happy to teach you :DDDD

Welp I failed reading @Nemes xDDD

This should be a monthly thing!

And I may guess that Game Maker is a hardcore engine...

Are you attending?

I don't get how to make that a proper link

Welp. I have to forfeit, I spent the whole time learning pygame.

One question: Is LWJGL allowed?

If you read it all you would know :)

Well I think I'm too late for this one cause I didn't see it but: Using Delphi (with lazarus) I get code that runs on multiple platforms, I just don't have the option to compile for linux/mac (cause I have neither). Will that be counting as multiple OS support or not (It WOULD run on all three if compiled on the equivalent)? Cause if not... Well then it'll be Windows vServer with .net framework and an online game using signalR xD (If we host a 2nd comp) :P

So true Logan!
I keep wondering if the "winner" will be announced.
Did anybody even start? Lol

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