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Staff changes

Firstly, because everyone likes to read promotions first, @MCtechnical, @MRoudone, @SebTheSir, @bayes32, @ViperLordX and @MathewST were promoted to trainee mods while @Skrileton is now a full mod.

Secondly, the more sad part, @barru and @ScarredRedstone have been demoted from the mod (barry) and mod in training (nyx) positions.
Bye nyx and late bye to barry.

(this is a summary over a fairly long period of time - I know most people know about barry)


Welcome to all our new staff, good bye nyx

I cri everytime D:

Gz :DD :
@MRoudone @SebTheSir @bayes32 @ViperLordX @MathewST and @Skrileton

Bye ;-; :
@ScarredRedstone and @barru

Sorry I wasted all of you guys' time. I won't do it again.

EDIT: Go ahead, /mail me how much you hate me now, unless I'm not even worth close to how much effort it takes you to.

;-; Nyx

EDIT: Will @ScarredRedstone be a retired InGame or regular trusted?

Welcome to the staff team all you new people!
Good bye and thanks to those leaving the team.

Thank you all :D

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