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Staff! Staff what? changes! again!

@Deeedo is now a trainee mod and @HackerAttacker has been promoted to mod, also @KPkiller has stepped down from his position of lead mod due to not having enough time anymore which leads (pun not intended) me to the last point, that being @Evanis_ is now lead mod and will take care of our staff team with me! :D

Gratz Deeedo, hacker and evan!


Congratulations !


tyvm everyjuan


Wow staff is just getting so much better!

Welcome @Deeedo and congratulations @HackerAttacker + @Evanis_

Big thanks to @KPkiller for being part of the team :)

Congratz evan, deedo and haacker!!!

(And where is Val ? xD)

Im leaving though.. ;-;

thanks so much everyone! proud and happy to be able to moderate on this server. <4 you all :)

@Nemes yeh Misa has a point where the fuck is Val?

@PyjamaL1ama stole the words from stolen words from my mouth.

Gz to Deedo, Evan and Hacker! and goodbye KP :( ur not lead anymore :(

Congratulations to everyone :)

And it was nice having you, KP as lead mod :P

@PyjamaL1ama and @MisaXage If you had paid attention before I made this thread, you would know that @Valsim72 Isn't exactly happy with being mod, he was fine as MIT, thus I didn't put him in here in the event he decides to step down back to MIT for the little while he has before school starts. Otherwise if he decides to stay as full mod, I will obviously news-post it somehow ;)

Thanks a bunch to @KPkiller for being such a massive help to the staff team for a very long time. Gonna miss you (I am already missing you :C)

It's like the Redstoner Staff Reform where tons of staff changes are made :D

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