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Deleting duplicate users

Due to a mistake in our website database, it was possible to sign up twice, so we ended up with a handful of users who created accounts multiple times:

@_CraftCAT_ 9d233d7e2bc6463696bde0f6e2fd1374
@Redstonerd1325 ae9b78501081461897426e34a32d46d1
@PhantomRedstoner ea4eef3f7585409caadc2565eafd4b2f
@Klau_Strike fd586de6a59b4ce294d19e90e59d4f68
@pistoncontroller 041b45ce8fba40f5b61d37fa12205b84
@Niuzy 7b18c3148be44befb2b9465489b3c48d
@ds007 1525846bf7b94e279ec22026d0b0b7a4
@WatermelonSenpai 2f409fc92ebe469a888c2b6830086e3e

Fortunately, none of these users used multiple accounts. We deleted those that were either not confirmed, or had no website interaction (i.e. forum posts, etc).

Due to the same bug, it was possible that multiple users listed the same skype/twitter/youtube account. There were one or two collisions where the newer one was removed.

If you are one of these users, the email address for your still existing, and currently working account is where you are receiving the mail about your @mention. If you have trouble and logout/login does not help, please contact staff in game.

Note for staff:

You can use /check <user> to see a users' website account & email.
If login does not work using that email, it is possible to reset the password.

Apologies to everyone affected & sorry for the trouble!


I thought staff were supposed to know that stuff anyway. I did. '-'

They probably do, I just mentioned it again anyway :)

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