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Staffy staff

Firstly @EvanXage has retired from the lead mod position and will just be mod for the time being (performance reviews buddy <3).

Secondly, the better part, @CyberCreeperXD, @Codex_Creeper, @Futsy and @psrcek are now in training!

Last but not least, @HackerAttacker has been promoted to lead mod and I think he will do a great job!


why the **** do we need so many fucking staff like wtf is it needed for it just results in more useless bans/kicks like what the...


Thanks and congratulations to everyone!

@BurgerHasDatSwag Too many mods, too little time!

Thank you all for my amazing time as lead.
and congratulations to all new mits and hacker!
I belive you will suit the lead position perfectly :D

Jomo me and some other people think that theres just to much thats why i posted the comment of adding a nee staff rank so its more even like builders can aply for a lower rank then mod or something

@Nemes maybe there should be a monthly "staff changes" news post, as I feel the news is kinda crowded with staff changes, I also think (may not be true) that this is also why you called it "staffy staff"

Or should I post this on the feature requests forum?

Edit: Grats new stuffstaffystaffstuffandthingiesstaffies

Hmmm... great idea @CookieRedstone, monthly will definitely be better, will switch to that, thanks ;)

As for the title, I just started running out of different ways to say staff changes.. :P

That's why I asked that aswell :) @Nemes

Edit: maybe the 1st day in the month or something?

I rly like this idea can we please bring this to redstoner c:

Nemes how u doin c:

Or maybe put this in chat when you log in?

I dont know I liked the first one better tbh

how many mods + MITs are there now? xD

Probs more then 20 tbh

@Dico200 11 MITs 10 mods iirc

Thats like alot XD

I think having around 21 mods and MITs is entirely justified for a server that is literally gaining dozens of members a month, especially considering that having MIT doesn't necessarily mean you will ever make mod. Only a few have, in fact. Anyways, congrats to Hacker and the new fellow MITs :)

congratulations @psrcek @CyberCreeperXD @HackerAttacker @Futsy @Codex_Creeper

you'll suit the job perfectly hacker. and you mits, start learning them plugins!!! ;) >:D

I think this monthly post should cover more than staff. Did anything worth to mention happen in the last month? :D

@L0rdDrag0 just FYI Mineplex has only 14 staff on the management side of things yet Redstoner has 24. Not sure I see your point.

@Skrileton you cant compare a build/survival server with a minigame server where you need hardly any administration/moderating because most things are done by plugins.

@Skrileton Nemes is very correct. Also as I have mentioned to you before, Mineplex is specifically known for being a poorly administrated server, so certainly not a very good comparison to make for your case. If you have good suggestions for the way the server should be run, please do so in a more legitimate way, perhaps a suggestion on the forums. Thanks.

@Nemes i feel like @Skrileton could argue that things here are mostly done by plugins in one way or another.. ,_, but, I guess I sort of see your point.

Still though, @L0rdDrag0 we don't need 20+ mods/mits. We could successfully run off of 10......"but," you say, "a lot of mods/mits aren't THAT active and so we need more to cover inactive spots of time." The much better solution would be to demote the mods/mits that are inactive. I could name many that are inactive. It'd be better to demote them and keep the active, efficient players then to simply recruit more in hopes that they'll actually be active.

@Deeeedo We do indeed demote inactive staff members, but I guess that should also apply for staff members that are active, but not enough to actually do stuff.

Just wanting to add my own opinion on staff on different servers, I think Mineplex is bad, because it's very crude -- using automation with stupid (literally stupid) plugins. One-on-one administration is much better.

So Redstoner having more staff is good! :-D

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