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Another database migration completed

A little more than a month ago we moved our database from our main SSD to our larger backup HDD to free some space. We noticed performance wasn't very great afterwards, so we bought a new SSD from donations.
You all should give the donators a big round of applause for their generosity!

The migration went quick and without any trouble. There was a temporary server without plots and permissions. It looked exactly as you would expect:

screenshot temp server
(Thanks @Dico200 for the screenshot)

Extra stuff

# This ruby script was used to generate the glass blocks in the void world
(-100 .. 100).each do |x|
  (-100 .. 100).each do |z|
    block = x == 0 && z == 0 ? "gold_block" : "glass"
    puts "setblock #{x * 10} 60 #{z * 10} #{block}"

PS: The main server was – and still is – running on an SSD. The HDD is now used for backups only.
Don't know what else to tell about this, everything went smooth and redstoner is operating as usual, except a little faster.

That's it, have fun, cheers!


This was more fun than I expected it to be .-.

Yay :D gj senpai jomo

Thanks jomo! :D

The donations are used for good stuff c:

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