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Big update!

As a lot of you know, mainly because I didn't keep my mouth shut about it, we were working hard on the plugin side of things lately. Without further ado, here is a summary of the changes!

New commands

/kek is a new alias for our good ol'friend /lol
/h also known as /home is a thing now!
/warn is a nice feature for builders (mainly) to alert other people of lag mainly caused when world-editing something big
/warnp does basically the same as above, just with a little addition if you're not sure ;)


Credit for the lag warning idea goes to @AppaXD

Spamming these commands will result in a punishment, obviously (same rules apply as for chat spam, just a little more harsh)

New features

Obsidian mining punishment

Hate me for this, but its a lot more funny than tempbans... <3
So be aware that you might not get out as easily as just playing a different game


As all of you probably know, there is this silly bug in Essentials that randomly turns on /vanish for staff members without them even knowing. This is here to address that issue! (or at least temporarily). It's simply done by running /vanish twice every minute for each staff member, for those curious.


Our new pack of automatic messages, its less buggy than the old system and mainly, gets rid of that annoying [broadcast] prefix. \o/


In-code changes

A lot has changed in the inner workings of our plugins, for the coders or just curious members, you can see all of our custom plugins here.

Old things that have changed


It works™ now!


Our in-chat calculator module has been completely recoded to support many additional features that the old one didn't have, such as:

Lowest/highest min(numbers) and max(numbers)
Base conversions bin(number), hex(number), 0x<hex number> and 0b<binary number>
Remainder after division %
Exponents ** - Sadly this one is only for staff, as it can be very demanding on the server.
And a few more!

And last but not least, staff changes

@SebTheSir has stepped down, but on the bright side of things, he may come back fairly soon!

Just to clear up some confusion around @Pigglypops
He is still a developer, the rank for dev has just changed, its no longer admin rank + dev suffix, its just the dev suffix now.
So for example a trusted who is also dev will just be trusted rank with the suffix, same goes for mod, admin and so on.

Also from onwards, these update posts (including staff changes) will always be posted on the 1st of each month, summing up the last month.


GG Nemesis <3

Some good things. Good to see some exciting and jazzy stuff coming along here on redstoner.

Yay! :D

@Nemes Where was the second screenshot taken? Don't ask why :P

*Credit for the lag warning idea goes tp @AppaXD *

Thanks alot for the staff changes idea once per month xD

Serious though, I see some very useful updates here, and can you bring along a daimond pickaxe for the obsidian mining thing?

Edit: @Nemes maybe include @Pigglypops aswell?

That's some really good implementations to the plugins. Great suggestion @AppaXD :).
Also, I love the monthly posting, if I'm away or something like that I can always get the most important news from reading only one post. Looks great too lol. Either way, redstoner's just getting better and more professional looking :P.

Yay Nemes thanks for coding my suggestion :D

Hey so, someone recently did /warn even though they weren't actually using WE. No staff saw it happen because honestly that warning doesn't get much attention. I suggest making it bold in &6 or even &4. That would work much more efficiently.

Also, people tons of people could spam it all at once, maybe make it where warning AUTOMATICALLY happens when someone performs a big WE?

@Deeeedo Yeah, great idea hopefully Nemes adds it

@PyjamaL1ama I know where you were going with that question :P Both of the screenshots were taken in a different place than you think ;)

GJ me for getting tempbanned for an hour for that /warn abuse >.<

Don't abuse the /warn or the /warnp commands... no srsly you'll get tempbanned


@Nemes just checking you're not creepin on my plots

Why are we still commenting?

Well @Nemes i think you should make a plugin where when people spam a thing it will say "wait to chat again" or other then the commands too, if they get warned like 3 times it will say stop spamming or tempban. If it reaches the final warning it will automaticly tempban the player who spam,is this a good idea?

@MikeyMatic good idea in its core, but that is exactly what I don't want Redstoner to become, a server controlled by plugin, like Mineplex and such. (Im not picking on Mineplex, minigame-hub server are generally poorly moderated. That being, most work is done with plugins and the human factor is kinda missing)

For the exponents - can you just set a limit?

I was thinking of setting an universal cooldown time for the exponents so it won't be demanding for the server but will allow access to all players.


Obsidian mining punishment

What ? xD

@Nemes i may recommend something about a limit maybe approx. Only 5 times doing /warn each day except mods and staff and such others then they could do /warn again in the next day irl

@Nemes i may recommend something about a limit maybe approx. Only 5 times doing /warn each day except mods and staff and such others then they could do /warn again in the next day irl

Ehh sorry some bug in the forums so i accidently spammed sorry ;(

I think /warn should be only builder+ as visitors are spamming it.

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