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Redstoner's GeoIP Maps

Obviously this is not 100% accurate... IPs change often, regular IP traces can not lead to an exact location, and many people use VPNs.

Using big data provided by Pan, I have made a few maps of the world with the approximate location of users, marked by IP data.

Enjoy and peruse, I hope you find these somewhat interesting.

Standard map of registered users on (≈1.3k)
Clustered map of registered users on (≈1.3k)

Clustered map from the server (≈11.3k)


Ok who lives by Normal IL cause I live by Peoria IL and I want to meet this person xD

Nice hacker... Lots in Europe... I'm all in my own in BC Canada

Very accurate for me :o

I wonder who that is that lives in the town next to me xD

Its incredibly accurate that its scary

I found exactly when I am on the map :P
it didn't say I was there >:D

ok who lives in tilsonburg I live like 20 min away

Haha not even close but it's still creepy >:D

I'm all alone in Salt Lake City... :(

Not 100% accurate
I think NOT!

OK who lives in Reading? I'm the loner around Bracknell.

You put my house in the middle of a motorway, about 2km off where it actually is x)

One close to me but not exactly where I am!

Yay not alone in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) :3

Y U no marked me? looks like I'm the only russian guy on the server, but the city is off for about 400 KM -_-

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