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Rules update

As a lot of people seem to like saying "It's not in the rules," I have made minor changes to the rules. It now clearly states that just because it's not in the rules doesn't mean it's not punishable. Even if you've already read the rules, please take the time to skim over the changes. These are not rules which are going to be enforced starting now, but rules which have always been enforced but were never written out directly. A good rule of thumb, as now posted in the rules, is that if it doesn't make sense for it to be allowed, it's probably not allowed.


claps vigorously well said. I must admit I am guilty of that statement lol. But this is a very good post of yours and will keep off possible confusion in the future. GG.


The common sense thing is the rule that punishes things that are not in the specific rules... maybe change this post just to make people more aware of that common sense rule.

Redundancy is the key to clarity. If people don't understand what common sense is, as many don't seem to on the server, then there's a bullet point to tell them exactly what it means.

Unfortunately the people who lack common sense are the people who think they have it all. This is a helpful clarification that will remove a LOT of potential disputes in the future. Thanks viper.

So this means no complaints anymore?

also @ViperLordX grats!

There was no need to change the rules :P

  • Make use of your brain & common sense!
    • This rule makes most - if not all - of the following rules obsolete

It's not that the rules were changed, more that the written rules were updated to match the enforced rules.
Also, thanks guys ^

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