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Monthly update!

This time (well it is the first time..) It's just staff changes, mostly.



  • @Nyxis has been promoted to mods in training, wish them good luck on their way to mod!
  • @ViperLordX on the other hand, has been promoted to full mod after showing very good knowledge of our plugins and mod things in general!
  • And finally @HackerAttacker is our new mod lead and has been doing his job perfectly.

Bye :C

  • @KPkiller1671 has resigned from mod position, it was definitely worth having you here!


We got quite a few new developers! Give a warming welcome in the dev-team to @Pepich1851, @Curs3d and @Evanis_!

In-game changes

Quite a lot has changed but everything has been covered in this big update, these rule changes with the only new addition being /colors as an alias to /einfo c.


Welcome everyone!

Yay /colors :D now i cam know the blues >:) be prepared for colorfuls signs maybe

iz dev now, yey
bai kp ;-;

Great post @Nemes, well done.
I've transformed the list into an actual list for you though, and I was wondering if Nyxis is more than one person or if you missed someone.

Good job fixing the grammar, @Jomo (Sarcasm :P)

Nyxis, have been

Don't worry, I fixed it.

What about Mr_RedSheep? Or does he not count for obvious reasons?

@jomo aww thanks! I completely forgot about the existence of lists...
As to Nyxis, there is our original nyx and then there are 2 more (which only our good ol'Nyx is MIT)

@Ghirahim_ Lets not bring that up... CTRL+Z

gz to @Nyxis and @ViperLordX .
and bye KP :c

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