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Monthly update #2!

All our plugins are Tested™ for stability and reliability!



  • @L0rdDrag0 is now full mod! \o/ And this time thats sadly all we got on the happy side of things...

The always sad goodbye

  • @bayes32, @MorganEarlJones, @Nyxis, @MathewST and @Codex_Creeper have all stepped down from the mod in training position, mainly for lack of time.
  • @Evanis_ and @MisaXage have retired from their long-time mod position, all I can say is they did a lot, and deserve a big thanks for helping the server get to where we are now! (@Evanis_ has also retired from his position as a developer)

In-game changes


is a new alias for /p i
//delete is now an alias for //set air for the worldedit people that wanted it ;)
and of course /colours is an alias for /einfo c for our British English speaking members c:
last but not least, our Linux users get /ls as an alias for /list



Simple enough, look at either a chest, dispenser/dropper, hopper or a furnace and type /signalstrength <number> or /ss <number> and a corresponding amount of items will be put into the inventory so that a comparator read-out will give you a redstone signal strength of the number you specified in the command!

Idea for this plugin comes from @Armadillo28.


You can now set aliases for words that you say, for example adding allWorks -> ErrorsEverywhere will automatically replace every phrase allWorks that you send in chat with ErrorsEverywhere! Do /alias for more info!

ErrorsEverywhere... totally not hinting anything...


A handy plugin to notify others that you're busy doing something! /busy for more info.


Existing plugins that have changed a bit


It now ignores lower and upper case letters! Up until now you had to specifically give it 0xffff for it to convert the hexadecimal value into decimal, now 0xFFFF works and also 0xFfFf works :P


/warn and /warnp now supports permission systems, thus it will be removed from lower ranks than builder.

Tag and Punishments

Although this information is for staff members only, Tag now supports offline players and listing all punished players will print a list of usernames instead of UUIDs

Also big thanks to @Hardfg5000 for helping me test plugins!


GG. may want to add that people that wanted no swearing can have it knowing u can replace words now.

Wait actually will it replace words OTHER people say?

@Hardfg5000 actually I did before you I believe c:

Kinda was expecting to have perms for /alias...

@Hardfg5000 Then I was first :P

/π such useful..
It takes longer to copy π than to type p i...

@psrcek on phone I need to tap one button to get a π, still, very usefull command for on phone.


no permission?

@Nemes thanks for letting me come on your Development server and test plugins. I love the addition of 1000 Mentios and /colours and a few other additions.

Thank you


I'm going to test some if there are some bugs

@SheepRedstone -.-

All our plugins are Tested™ for stability and reliability!

Yay We have /colours

@CookieRedstone -.-
I found the first exploitable bug.

I'm offended!
Us Canadians use the term colour too (you only put British peeps)!


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