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Splash Potions

Due to recent problems involving people abusing illegal "Ban Potions", and then using free VPNs and free MC accounts to evade bans, we've decided that the only viable solution is to remove splash potion effects for any non-staff users. If you continue to have issues with the aforementioned abusers, please report them. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks.


Awh, no more potions, well it doesn't matter. Now people will get less bans :D
#NoSplashPotions #StillAwesome #AlmostFirstReply

@L0rdDrag0 How about only removing the potion id of the potions you don't want? We can still use night vision potions and such in that way.

@Nyxis that isn't really something you can do with Worldguard or Multiverse. If you're suggesting removing all the existing ban/kill pots that are currently in players' inventories, that wouldn't solve a problem since these people are spawning them in every time they join.

how bout this, someone from the dev team just translate to python :P

public void onPotionSplash(PotionSplashEvent e) {
    ItemStack potion = e.getPotion().getItem();
    Collection<PotionEffect> potionEffects = Potion.fromItemStack(potion).getEffects();

    for (PotionEffect eff : potionEffects) {
        if (eff.getType() == PotionEffectType.HARM) {


@L0rdDrag0 I mean only have like a clock, or something which checks for that potion, or finds out when one IS spawned in and remove it. OR You could disable that potion id completely.

@psrcek that was exactly what I was thinking, but yeah that would work.

Cool idea, but just remove the "negative" potions

@psrcek This was more or less the only fix I could find with our current plugins, so if the dev team can write something up that's effect-specific that'd be great!

I can make all illegal potions (except for crash potions, potions that you can't respawn from) with /i. Perhaps we can remove /i privileges from all visitors.

@hook.event("player.PotionSplashEvent", "high")
  def onPotionSplash(event):
   if event.something:

something like this?

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