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Monthly update #3!

It's a whole new world github repository!



@Futsy and @psrcek are now full mods! And they have already proven themselves able to fix stuff :P give them a warm welcome to the staff team!


@CyberCreeperXD has stepped down from the mod in training position due to not having enough time. Bye! :c

In-game things

From the perspective of most of you, not much has happened, but in reality quite a lot happened and a lot is going to happen...
That being a complete recode of all our custom plugins!

You can find our new github repo here

Other things worth mentioning

We hit 1500 users! \o/

Nicer domain for public-slack invites!

And lastly, about a week ago I managed to find an old video I for some reason recorded and it just so happens at the date of posting this, its exactly one year old
nostalgia much ._.
+1 to you if you see yourself in the video!


ohaider gg can't wait for dico to install all the new plugins and jazz

Woooo! I'm in there on like the first few frames during when the chat is open! Knew I was in this video :o

Lerd no be old enough to be in video... Lerd be sad.

I wish night vision can be added now ._.

Cookie be old enough to be in video, but Cookie not online at that time... Cookie be sad.

OMG x 2000!
I want to help recoding everything! (not recording -.-) that might be the best solution for me to learn more python!!!!!
Sleepy Also be old enough to be in video, no online. much sad D:

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