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Double email bug fixed

We've long had this bug where people would get two separate emails when someone replied and mentioned them in the same reply.

We have now accepted the first pull request to this very website which fixes the double email bug. Many thanks to @Futsy for submitting it!


Wooooooooooooo! \o/

Wasn't... wasn't this fixed a while ago... ._.

It was thought to be fixed when I merged reply and mention mails into the same email and removed duplicates in the list of recipients. However, the list contained both user objects (from mentions) and user IDs (from replies).

You can imagine the list looking somewhat like this:

users = [13, 37, <User:13>]

Neither 13 nor <User:13> are present multiple times in the list but since they're both pointing to the user with ID 13, that user would receive two emails.

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