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Happy (Slightly Early) New Year!

2015 has been an exciting year for us all. Among other things we reached 1000 users, updated the website to https, introduced the mod in training and +developer ranks, celebrated our 2nd birthday and created a public Slack group!

Here are this year's best threads (in my opinion). Please don't necropost on them!:

This lovely compliment.
This interesting request.
This beautiful story x')
This sorcery.
Nemes' wondrous grepping skills.
This bananas idea. I'll let myself out.
This shocking revelation.
When Dico joined for the first time (loljk).
L0rd and Logal's love story.
Nemes the super troll.
top kek.
The 'huepocalypse'.
jomo's gif thread.
Rick's fanart. More please! :D
The Deeeeeeedo Center for Kids Who Can't Type Good.
jomo's set of instructions on how to get OP.
Logal's pretty cool coding project.
The setup thread.
That time I was a complete carrot.
The spooky scery skelitonz.
When we discovered Nemes' secret job.
When @Barrygold_ became a hero.
Retards on Helium. The video is currently private but hopefully Skril will fix this soon as I have asked him to.
The most magical StrawPoll ever.
When we discovered that Redstoner = Illuminati.
This is scary.
The time @TheWildDefender enlightened us all with a picture of his eye.

Wildz Eye

Also not forgetting all the 'story' threads. Total gold, all of them. Oh, and the A...Gamer_ and Jeg crazes.

Here's to a great 2016! Thank you @Mr_RedSheep for the awesome firework display C:


happy new year, everyone!

2015 needed more pineapples, honestly.

Happy new year, and may the next one bring more good things to come

Happy actual 2016 from the UK! Our fireworks get more over the top every year xD

Happy New Year Everyone!


Happy new year! (Too late)
Also, why only 1 eye? That looks like an illuminati

@MikeyMatic he has 2, that's just a picture of one of them :P

@CookieRedstone the first one I actually included. Forgot about the second, no point now I guess :P

@PyjamaL1ama You forgot NemOS xDDD

I'm a bit late to the party, but Happy New Year to each and everyone of you.
Also enormous thanks to @PyjamaL1ama for this curated list of awesome* threads!

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