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December recap

It's over! .-.

Not much has happened to the minecraft server itself, actually nothing at all, but there are some things worth mentioning!



@Pepich1851 is now a mod in training! Wish him luck on his way to demotion being a good mod!
@KPkiller1671 has decided to come back! Welcome back to the staff team KP! :D

Bye :c

@ArhurValk has decided to step down, his interests have shifted away from minecraft, none the less it was a great time working with you Arhur!


The website is now secure™, thanks @jomo!
You can find out more information here.
A few website related bugs have also been fixed. (over myah and myah)

There is also a new rule (#9) that you should definitely check out! to the info page we go!

And mainly...


Overusing formatting may only be allowed on special occasions


Was a great year, let this one be just as awesome.

Not sure why the "1" is red instead of blue, but very nice! 2016 woot woot.

It's to annoy people with OCD x). Seriously though, it wast a derpup on my end.

There are grammatical, spelling, and possibly punctuation errors in this weblog and in the rules webpage.

has funs fixing dose

Happy new year everyone :D

Gz Pepich and KP!!!
and bai Arhur ;-; icri

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