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January recap!

Always Watching



@LogalGamer is now on his long way to mod, wish him luck!


@L0rdDrag0 has decided to stepped down, it was fun while it lasted, you helped us a lot Lerdy! Bye!

Fixed™ issues

We were experiencing some technical issues with LogBlock and weren't logging data for about 2-3 days.

For the coders/technical people here, quote from @jomo:

tl;dr: mysql index grew larger than java max integer, causing a ton of problems


We were offered a brand new server from an undisclosed™ host! @PanFritz has been hosting us the past 2.5 or so years and has done a great job, everyone give Pan a huge thank you!

What are we getting?

Newer, faster and more secure hardware!
Namely the newest and greatest Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Skylake CPU, 32 GB of RAM, two 500 GB SSDs in RAID 1 and a very nice 1 Gbps connection!

More details to come in the next blog-post either before or after we migrate the servers next week


FYI, we applied this patch to LogBlock to fix the problem.
Server migration is already in the works, but as @Nemes said there's going to be another blog post when it actually affects any of our players.

Woot woot gigabit connection, thanks undisclosed™ host!

@PanFritz You may have been a dick at times but you were a fantastic host and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Pan :)

Thanks for hosting us, Pan! And thanks to L0rd for his excellent work as a mod. And as for the new host, the specs are fairly identical to the PC parts I bought yesterday xD gg

@PanFritz you're a great potato. Take that as a compliment :)

"dont break rules were always watching..."
more like Break rules cuz we will probaly be AFK

U forgot!

I Made a 5x5 Door!!!!!

wtf doom even i made that, or was it 4x4 ... i forget

We love you pan <3

Can you tell us where the server is? Wondering if it's any closer than Slovenia ;)

Uh... Why do you have a picture of me in a "Don't break rules" picture? And BTW I knew everyone was watching me, and I wasn't breaking any rules. I was building a redstone door...

Thanks for hosting the server, Pan <3

Thank you my lovely teddypandabear for hosting us for as much as 2.5 years, for free. In addition, that service was extremely stable too! <3

Thank you Pan for hosting redstoner for the time that I've been here. (Inserts Unicode hugging stickman that he doesn't know) :D

Pan, thank you for everything you gave us on this server

-AJLturquoise ;)

Thanks Pan for being a dickwad the hoster of this server with Fastest connectivity :D

Thanks @PanFritz for being a host and having the time to give us this beautiful server! :D

LOL I can see me as a spec (I started it)

Yay Gigabit™ Internet!
Wonder how much that costs...

@ScienceRedstone not that much actually.

Wow that's as much as my 100 mbps internet connection (exchanged to CAD)...

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