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Planned maintenance for server migration

We've been working on our new server to set everything up for the migration, as announced in the last blog post.
The only things yet to be moved are the database and the actual Minecraft server. We estimate the move to take about 5 hours due the rather large size of world files.

We will start at 19:00 UTC, you can check your local time here.

Website and TeamSpeak server should be available until the last minutes of the migration, and we will provide a temporary server as usual during maintenance.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

It bears repeating, thank you very much @PanFritz for generously hosting Redstoner for free during all this time.
This server (and thus, its community) most certainly would no longer exist if it weren't for you providing this extremely reliable service!


Good bye @PanFritz I'll miss you.

Also this happens while I'm at school so I wont miss much yay

This is literally me right now.

Thank you Pan very much for all your hard work and time spent for Redstoner!

Thanks Pan for everything ;_;

Also jomo if i may ask. Does this means we are moving to another server and the builds on redstoner will be gone? (Especially the builds on PlotMe)

Thanks again Pan. Annoyingly, this is happening during my free time >.<


Cya Pan. One of the few people that share me sense of humor. <3


Always a pain sometimes but it was always for the good you will be missed :/ I cri everytime

cya Pan, Nice knowing ya. :( Gonna miss ya...

/cry should be a command to remember Pan

Also what is the new IP if there is one yet?

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