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February recap!

Not so special for you, but special for us


They made it!

@Pepich1851 is now a full mod! congratulate him and lets hope he stays here for a while!
@Evbo came back from the dead basically straight to his mod position! welcome back dear friend!

@flying_MAchinez has managed to become a mod in training, wish him luck! He will need it...

Demotions Retirements

@PanFritz is probably getting annoyed by being mentioned all the time lately due to the server migration, but lets just put this here for clarity :P Pan has officially retired from his behind-the-scenes admin / host-that-nobody-should-have-known-about positions. Bye Pan! o/


As you probably read in the segment above (or the past 3 blog posts...) Redstoner has migrated to a brand new server, if you want to know more about the server hardware, look here, if you want to know detailed info about the actual migration, lookie here and here.

And @Curs3d wanted me to mention it, pineapples


Mwahahahahahaahahaaa I have control over Nemes' recaps >:)

oh some of my least-favourite players are now mod/mit

@AppaXD how could you, they're all my friends ;-;

Gratzzzzzzzzz @Pepich1851 now be a good mod :P
Congratz @flying_MAchinez for MIT, you do deserve it!
and @Evbo umm, I don't really know you well but...uhhh...gratz xD

@Curs3d pineapples are slowly taking away your IRL life too m8...

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