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March recap!

This is not a joke


Redstoner is 3 Years old as of March 29!


Now full mod!

@flying_MAchinez and @LogalCoder are now full mods! Wish them all luck on their hopefully short long-lasting job!

Some bad news

I don't like to bring bad news (at least to non-staff) but there has been a major issue with logblock and world saves when the server crashed one day, reasons as to why it happened are unknown but long story short: The server managed to drop a huge amount of data (by huge I mean about 8 billion blocks) and logblock messed up when importing an old backup of rollback data, thus we were not able to recover it all, if your plot is affected by this then contact a moderator when you see them in-game and hope at least some of the data is there (small chance but you know). Sorry for the huge inconvenience.

Minecraft 1.9

I'm not going to rewrite all the things here, there is a thread about it, if you want to know what the decision so far is, read it.


And of course @Futsy retired and then changed his mind again. Good to have you back :)

and of course you had to mention it @PyjamaL1ama :P

How did Nemes forget about Redstoner's Birthday?!?! I went and added it

March needed more pineapples.

Ayy Redstoner is 3 years old noww!

Well April already has pineapples! cough Michael Humuhumunukunukuapua’a cough

@MikeyMatic Not quite yet.

Yay April recap is coming soon \o/

3 years! i feel old, i joined like a week after it opened

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