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May Recap


For this month, I have the pleasure to provide you with an adequate recap post. I have some very exciting news!

Along with @Pepich1851 I went ahead and cleaned up redstoner-utils as much as possible, alongside implementing cool new features to redstoner-utils.

Notable changes

Friends module re-added

We re-added the friends module. This module allows you to specify a list of players that you consider friends.
If a friend of yours comes online, a little sound will be played and you will be notified in chat.
The general command to use the plugin is /friends.
More about this module below.

Imbusy module overhauled

I pretty much completely rewrote the imbusy module. It got some new functionality and should be free of any bugs.

Players are prevented from bothering people with busy status.
Things that are prevented include:

  • PMs
  • Replies to PMs
  • /mail send
  • Tpa requests

If a busy player PMs another, the other can reply, even with a regular PM (that's with /msg).
Any friends you specified via the Friends module will be able to 'bother' you via any of these methods when you are busy,
however, we introduced a new status - SUPER busy. If you are super busy (using /busy super), even friends cannot bother you.

Chatalias module added

This cool module allows you to create an alias for anything (without spaces) that you say in chat.

By default, it will replace ./ with /.
Examples of things you can add are:
welcome -> &2Welcome M7! ... yea idk I guess you can do that!

The alias itself can contain spaces, the replaced sequence however cannot.
If you are permitted to use colours in chat, so can you with chatalias.
The command to configure your aliases is /alias.

Serversigns module added

This took a long time, but this module was finally, after over a year of lingering in Feature Requests, deployed on the server.
So you serversigns fanatics out there, get your eyes peeled for this one.
Any sign that you place can be claimed, and the claimant will be able to add 'lines' to it.
These will be displayed in chat when you right click the sign.
There is a range of commands to be executed upon right clicks, which can also be added as lines.
This should allow for nice descriptive messages about your builds, as well as right-click TP signs (using the /tppos command).
Any commands that you can use with this plugin can be found by typing /svs commands.

A little tutorial for setting up server signs

To get started with a sign, you must claim it using /svs claim while you look at it.
You can then add lines to it using /svs add <line>. Lines can be 'accumulated' by adding a ++ to this command,
which means it will be stored and added to the front of the next line you add without ++ on the end.
All lines on the sign can be listed using /svs info.
You can reverse the order of two lines using /svs reverse <id1> <id2>, where the id is a number shown on the info page for each line.

I hope to see some very creative uses of this plugin!

New setting in BlockPlaceMods: torch

I added a new setting to the blockplacemods module - the module responsible for the /set or /toggle command.
The setting is torch. With this setting enabled, any redstone torch that you place on a redstone block will be deleted
when it turns back off. This makes for easy 1 tick pulses when you're testing, you won't have to break the torch anymore.
If you didn't use this trick already, I suggest you try it!
The setting is enabled by default, however it can be disabled using /toggle torch.

Damnspam enhancements

When you're denied pressing a button or switching a lever, the remaining time out is now displayed as well.
In addition, to remove a timeout, you can use /ds 0 (setting the timeout to 0 equals removing it).
The module now also checks any buttons or levers that would drop if you break a block.
The maximum timeout is now also 4 minutes, as opposed to the previous maximum of just 1 minute.

Saylol list pages

/lol list now uses pages. A much needed change with so many entries!

After all that

I really hope that you enjoy the additions and changes to redstoner-utils. I and some others of the dev team have invested many hours into these.
If you find any exploits or bugs at all, please report them immediately on the forums.


Did you also fix busy so that when you disconnect it will put you out of busy mode?

/toggle torch is exciting!

for those that are wondering I'll be back on the server on June 3rd (2nd? maybe?) after my finals. Cyall then!

Nice! If you need any more help testing stuff, I'm happy to do so @Dico200

Awesome @Doomblah! Ill be able to see your 36 piston extender lol.
Awesome news @Dico :D


Friends module is back? What nostalgia.

/toggle torch is so helpful it pisses me off everytime I have to remove my torch and place another one :/

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