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June Recap!

This gonna be fun!


@O456 is now back in the staff team after a very long time! Nice seeing you back ;)

On the other hand, @LogalCoder has retired, sad to see you go Logal, you've helped us a lot!

Website confirmation emails

Thanks to @Futsy and @jomo's work, the confirmation emails for forum accounts can now be re-sent! (Only if you haven't confirmed it yet)

Minecraft 1.10

@Dico200 is currently working on updating the server but we are experiencing not-so-minor issues with the plugins. Long story short, it might take a while and supposedly with Microsofts new system of rolling out smaller updates more frequently, we are expecting to dip even more versions behind than we currently are.

Note worthy things is a thing again!
And some minor changes were made to the rules page
This major website bug has been fixed!


Notificaion Squad!

The issues are big but shouldn't be hard to fix though. Have to figure out what's causing them, that's all. I think it should be an easy process once that's figured out.

You forgot my birthday (and DJs)

jk, bye Logal :/

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