News → You can now join with 1.8+!

You can now join with 1.8+!

Yep, as the title says, we have installed ViaVersion! You can now join with 1.8.x, 1.9.x and 1.10.x.

Beware that the server itself is still running 1.8.8 meaning that we still have the old 1.8 Minecraft mechanics and blocks/items.

ViaVersion list


yay... people can finally stop complaining xD

Cool. Whats the command to see what version everyone one is running? (As in the picture)

sorry thats staff only :P Although I dont really see a reason not to give it to everyone, staff opinions?

Yea sure, I mean its not much different from /ls

As a highly ranked staff member (I wish), I vote that it should be for everyone.

As a lowly moderator, I too agree that information should be free!

As an anus, I also vote Trump

Sure they can see it :p (maybe builder+ doe)

Yess! Finally!! My main goal in life has been accomplished! People in the fourms have been using something I started!! ( this proves I have no potential)

Okay sorry, should have researched this before, there aren't any per-command permissions in ViaVersion, its either all (including some never-to-be-executed) or no commands. Sorry :(

Balls. But can't our devs make a permission node that sort of forwards itself to a command in via?

The title doesn't say that ViaVersion was installed @nemes. Don't supply false information.

lmao get told nemnem

soooo are we getting it

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