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July Recap!

This time late!

Staffy staff

Quite a bit of staff changes happened this month:

  • If you haven't noticed yet, I am now an admin (\o/);
  • @Curs3d has stepped down from dev (aww);
  • @mpolder got promoted to dev, wish him luck on his way to demotion *cough* promotion;
  • @ReachTehComunity has been promoted to MIT, but he's not currently active in-game due to technical difficulties with his computer.


We have installed ViaVersion on the server, which means that you can now join with Minecraft clients from 1.8 to 1.10.2 \o/, check out more in this news post.

Minecraft 1.10

We (mostly Dico) have made some progress on updating to 1.10, but there's still lots to go, we are still working on it and we'll keep you updated :P



no thanks

who actually wants 1.10
no thanks

Pls don't update to 1.10.
Wait until they actually fix performance issues.

@lmaograpefruit i actually do


Only negative is downgrading to lagcraft 1.10

Minecraft 1.10 = Windows 10

Well that was one-sided.. anywho, I planned to replace PlotMe with our custom plugin parcels along with updating to 1.10. Parcels doesn't need 1.10 though, what about 1.9? We have elytra then. Did they change the annoying redstone hitbox in 1.9 or 1.10?

Ew 1.10. No thanks, let's keep ViaVersion. Parcels sounds good, will it have the same commands as plotme (pls yes)? Also I had no idea @Curs3d stepped down. I cri.

Lets get real here, we will have to update one time. If its now, ok just deal with it.

I rather wait 'till the MAJOR lag is fixed or even helped.

I think we should update to 1.10, maybe the pvp sucks. But who cares! It's a redstone server. Not a fighting / pvp server. Next to this theres a way to make items that arent affected by the new pvp (NBT data.) I love the elytras. I know about people not being able to join but mojang somehow doesnt care and I dont see them fixing this problems yet. To those who say macbook sucks, lol rip because With a macbook this just doesnt effect the 1.10 lag / not being able to join. SORRY had to say that.

I'm not hating on 1.10('cause if I am making a map there are features in 1.9/10 that help me make it better) just let's wait 'till 1.14(the most likely end of stupid fast and almost useless updates) and even if the lag isn't fix by then, I'll still say upgrade.

What happened to @ReachTehComunity ? ... Didnt seem to find him in user list as mit....
@Nemes @psrcek @otherstaff

From what I see, here is no longer MIT. I could be wrong.

Anyone got some more info?

@RedSheepMC @minenash he is demoted untill he fixes his computer problems.
Also idk why everyone hates 1.9/10 so much, I can't even notice a performance difference.

1.9 is fine imo, but some people cannot join using 1.10 like me for example (1 out of 1337.. yea right this reply is dead as fuck)

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