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August Recap

Another month, another staff team.


  • @Pepich1851 retired from his moderator position (I cri), but has decided to stay a developer!
  • @mpolder has decided to step down from his developer position, due to not having enough time to do his job.
  • @O456 was demoted to trusted, due to his inactivity.
  • On the other hand, @RedSheepMC was promoted to mod in training, wish him good luck on getting demoted *cough* getting full mod!

Switching to Java

The admins and the dev team have made the decision to switch to Java, as it is much more compatible with the new spigot releases than PyPluginLoader, any new developers are welcome!

Minecraft 1.10

Honestly, an update to 1.10 has not been worked on for over a month. A lot of players wish to stay on 1.8 and there's little reason to update. Once we think the time is there and decide to put some more time into it, you'll be notified. Expect the update to be paired with replacing PlotMe with Parcels. We don't intend to reset the creative world as well though.

Feature Requests

No, we did not forget about the feature requests, but we are quite busy, so hang in tight, we'll deliver when we can! :P And it would be nice if someone *looks at @3daniel* could stop necroposting already in the feature requests xD

What's next?


Is that semi-hidden bottom text just gonna be a thing now?

What do you mean?


What is next?

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