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Lol requests forum temporarily removed

Due to a massive amount of dumb and/or bad requests over the past weeks, we have removed the lol requests forum until further notice, to let everything cool down a bit.



At least it was in its own sub-forum, remember when it was just in the feature requests sub-forum? that was annoying and toooootally not my fault for putting it there

I think this is stupid.

Why make such a big problem of lol requests?!

How are all the lols being requested bad? Why not disallow certain people to spam lol requests?

What Logal said, but okay :P

Probably won't help, but sure, I wasn't gonna make a lol request anyways.

This is quite pointless lol, but ok

THANK YOU FOR temporarily REMOVING IT HOLY SHIT IT WAS FILLED WITH SO MUCH CANCER ahem sorry I had to get that out of my system

When its reopened, I believe it should should be restricted to one lol request per 3 days.
You know what screw it, it isn't that hard to -1/Deny requests. I would like to ask people to think before posting, though.

lol rip

thats right, im not dead

I hope people understand that most of their lol requests are shit and that they understand not to post shit requests in the future.

Savage dico is savage

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