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September Recap

We lost 'em Johnny!


  • @Flying_Machinez stepped down from his moderator position because he didn't have enough time, (we cri) We hope to see you back soon :P
  • @ReachTehComunity was demoted for inactivity
  • @minenash was promoted to moderator in training, wish him good luck on his way to demotion cough promotion!

LOL requests removed & re-added

LOL requests were temporarily disabled this month, because staff thought they were shit. We hope that that discouraged at least some of you to not post shitty lol requests.

Token bug fixed

So @SmashDoesMC found a bug when trying to register his alt on the forums and accidentally ran the /gettoken command on his main account. What happened next is that he couldn't re-run that command from his alt. If you wanna know more, look here the almighty @jomo told me that pretty much everything should be explained there. Once again thanks Smash for reporting the bug to us :P

*M͖̓͛L͍͕̣̲͙̍͛̈́G̤̉̉ ̧̙̓̒͋̄̏t̢̤͕̥ͯ̀͒e̴̘̻̰̲̬ͬ̊x̛̖͇̰̜̣͉ͤ̇̈t͚͚͎͇ͤ͆̀ ͍͔̘̭̘̖͕ͭ4̵̝̌


okay, one more something-th and I'll shrek you. This is really spammy.

Can i add 1 thing?

Psr great job going from member to admin... u did well senpai

Danke @ImAnIdiot

Wait. I'm mod?! xD

"@minenash was promoted to moderator in training" you fooking w0t

What about Bobmandude getting developer lol

That officially happened after this post.

o lol I was at work just wondering thx.

also it happened in October, not September

Srsly @HitzCritz ur legit gonna necropost

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