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Load testing Redstoner for free

There's a (somewhat) popular YouTube streamer who (ab)uses his large number of stream viewers to raid servers, hoping to crash the servers due to the sudden bulk of players joining.


User @Ghost_Rock_ (now banned) suggested to crash

"Could you go to next? It would make my weeg if you could!"

The streamer accepted it and on 01:45 (CEST) went to our server, shortly after followed by hundreds of his viewers.

Here's a graph that shows the amount of players joining and leaving (mostly kicks) per 10 seconds:


The streamer claimed there were more than 1000 players online which was not quite true. During that time span we had 454 new users and 1528 logins by 472 distinct users, meaning a maximum of 472 (+ previously logged in users) were online at any given time.

When all the players joined, we didn't immediately know what's happening. We had previously seen this many players joining from someone botting us with large amounts of alt accounts, but all from the same IP address. We saw some 600 concurrent connections, all coming from different IP addresses but no unusual amount of traffic coming from any IP, indicating they were probably 'real' players rather than bots trying to DDoS the server.

Chat was completely filled with dozens of welcome messages per second, combined with all sorts of repeated cursing. We noticed they were saying things like "FitMC invasion" shortly after and figured where they're coming from. After few minutes Doomblah kicked all players, which didn't help all that much as they all just rejoined shortly after (this is the second, smaller spike in the graph)

Redempt came in to help and after a couple minutes disabled chat in the Spawn world (they were all just jumping around and spamming there) just before Doomblah turned on the whitelist (01:56:17, when player joins drop to zero). Eventually the streamer got disconnected, thinking the server crashed but it didn't. You can actually see the server online in the streamer's server list after he disconnected. He then moved on to another server.


  • The whole thing barely lasted 15 minutes
  • The server did not crash
  • Obviously network, CPU, and RAM usage were higher than usual but it was nowhere near the limits on our quite powerful machine.
  • This pretty much matches the definition of a DDoS attack:

    It is analogous to a group of people crowding the entry door or gate to a shop or business MC server, and not letting legitimate parties enter into the shop or business MC server, disrupting normal operations

  • This kind of 'attack' is similar to 4chan's Habbo raids, except they weren't able to close the pool ;)

Below is the recorded live stream of the event in case you want to see what happened. I don't recommend watching the whole video as it's just the same thing all the time and the streamer repeating "fock yea its gunne cresh".

We also have two albums of screenshots capturing the chat.

I'd like to thank @Doomblah and @Redempt for handling the situation very well.

PS: "It would make my weeg" is now a /lol.


This was so pathetic of Fit, aka the 7 year old who is jealous of servers and wants to crash em for no fucking retarded reason.

I only know that we had no issues with network connectivity (they didn't target the network) and that we had about 6 GB of traffic during the hour of the event. Assuming that 90% of traffic is courtesy of those 15 mins, that would be 48 Mbps.
However that's just a very rough guess.

The Server has got some good hardware.

Whitelisting the server was a smart idea. Props to whoever came up with it.

Why does everything interesting have to happen when I'm asleep? D:

We also have two albums of screenshots capturing the chat.

Thanks to @C2Lredstone for making one of these albums ;D

@PyjamaL1ama I know right, sux to be on the other side of the world

@xXEPICANISMXx the other side of the world is Asia / Just under india

no its Germnay/england for me =P

"It would make me weeg" is now a /lol

Was it his hole being weak or what? :D

This didn't crash it, and I got to crash it 6 times in one day with some stupid lava door. Weird.

@0xD15EA5E 'make my weeg' not 'make me weeg' - now fixed, thanks!

np @RedSheepMC, I probably would had gotten more if I hadn't left, and then couldn't join back due to lag :P

I like how i see Ghost still going around the forums. He's done enough to piss me off

wot happend if ur server use catching with ssd ? and use Xeon cpu ?

Wtf Is wrong with FitMC's fan? You don't even need a brain to see that what FitMC's doing is stupid. I hope FitMC quit YT/Get banned soon, and I hope FitMC will regret it somehow -.-

My god @GWJ_Derp ever heard of personal pronouns

not really PJ, but I think FitMC and Ghost_Rock should fix themselves somehow -.-

I HATE FitMC 😠😠😠

lel, if you hate FitMC, go to the stream comments and upvote my comment roasting him :D

Is there a device that can be built to lower the effect of this kind of ddos? I don't mind building a thing to level off the strain on the server if there is a sudden jolt of it. Just a good to know for the future.

Edit: Why not have a raspi or arduino that has access to the console and does a certain list of tasks when the server traffic exceeds a limit? (I'm only suggesting an external controller because it will remain unaffected by any load from the server itself) A set of tasks such as shutting off chat, and enabling whitelisting, and undoing that after a minute when all the trouble dies down... I mean its just an idea...

an arduino might be hard, but you should but this is in the electronics forum :P
(and then discussing time yey)

oh dear. . . I just realized . . ."arduino might be hard" >.<

When i now think about it i thought: even i a single person was able to crash the server and he wasnt able to crash it with all of his viewers 😂

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