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2016 Recap!

Happy new year!


  • @RedSheepMC was demoted from his mod and dev positions, sad to see you go bud :/
  • @Tatl_Tael has been demoted from his mit position due to not knowing his stuff
  • @YummyRedstone was promoted from mit to mod (\o/)
  • aand last but not least @Kappeh stepped down from his mod position

Trusted pormotions

As I promised, here's the list of everyone that got promoted to trusted in 2016!

  • @MattQGamingHD
  • @WebStun
  • @ReachTehComunity
  • @AbsentMinded
  • @barrygold_
  • @SmashDoesMC
  • @mega_man98
  • @MagmaFlarez
  • @minenash
  • @Curtiskids
  • @PeonyBT
  • @Stomachfoot
  • @Nikkeru_nya
  • @Akrobatus
  • @Tatl_Tael
  • @Mr_BlueSheep
  • @Flearoy (aka hard)
  • @Aquarius25
  • @RedSthunder00
  • @cobra063


Our plans on updating to 1.11 kinda got crushed by the holidays, the maximum time we'll (try to) get it done in is 1 month, we have tons of things done, but a lot of them are untested.

Farewell 2016


And I'm still not mod. xD

farewell 2016 Good riddance 2016

Barry was demoted and banned after. Lol.

Staff only thread

Not anymore @Dico200 huehuehue
bye btw @psrcek ;)

I love pormotions xD

Yuus finally trusted promotions :DDD

Wt? I swear I never got promoted to tr at all in 2016, only at the end of 2015?

Or am i drunk

\o/ Yay, i'm special c:

Minenash should be included on this one, rip

I would love that, but I was promoted today :/

Gz Minenash! :D

yeee my name is on this :o xD

Same :D It even tells people that I am Hardfg lel

Congrats minenash!

;_; 2015 trusteds

It's late! It's late!

Happy, @Nyxify ?

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