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January Recap!

1.11 hype!

< Stef >

  • SmashDoesMC was promoted to MIT! Wish him luck on his path to full mod!

< / Stef >

< Tusted >

The players who received a trusted promotion in January (ish) are:

  • Skrileton
  • Vanilla_Sheep

< / Tusted >

< 1.11 >

Not that much happened this month on the server directly, but staff has been working hard on the 1.11 update. It should be rolling out in the next few days! From observers to elytras to countless other features, you'll be able to enjoy Redstoner to its fullest potential once again!

< / 1.11 >


HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE *Pretend I did more but thats spam and therefore bad so just pretend *

Welcome to Staff Team, Smashy!

First non staff member to comment! c:

The comments have been tainted...

oh yay I'm in the monthly recap

Gz skril smash and vanillashep

Yay, my 3rd time on the recap! \o/


Can i start a fight? Llamas are very very very fucking lame ;D

(Not @PyjamaL1ama though he's a good llama cuz he has pyjamas)

Gz @SmashDoesMC, @Skrileton and @Vanilla_Sheep!!! :D

But, what about this guy, that got promoted to trusted in 6 months (the first time i checked, it was 6 months)? Isn't it a new promotion?

He said he didn't want to be in any news posts.

cough hahahaha lolol @minenash and this post is 3 days late

Bye @psrcek :c

EDIT! Also, Gz @HitzCritz!! :D

@Brubri_RS save it for mext month...finish the 5x10 pls

In the last days I couldn't be online and so I couldn't continue :/

Don't worry, we are working on it ;)

so whens the update?

By the way, I just noticed that in this recap @minenash's promotion to mod is missed :/

Lel, wasn't it in December though?

No, it was in the first days of January xD

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