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It's finally here!!!

After a long process of development, 1.11.2 is FINALLY HERE!
We reworked the plugins ENTIRELY and converted them all from Python to Java and implemented a HUGE permission overhaul. We updated plugins to become more accessible and user-friendly and have effectively boosted the user experience by 1000%. Many staff members worked VERY HARD to make the server compatible with 1.11.2, so please thank them for all of their hard work!!!

With this update, the SV and TSV worlds will be reset, but DON'T WORRY! The old worlds will be available for download at [bleh]. Now you can enjoy updated terrain and structure generation, and ALL of the new survival-based changes and additions that have arised within the last few Minecraft updates. You will be able to get dragon heads and totems of undying, explore the new and expanded End, and have fun once again in our new and improved survival worlds!

Also, Staff has decided to change the behavior of alternate accounts. An alt will have the same rank as a player's main, but will not be able to have plots of its own. This is to prevent players from being able to get more plots just by buying another Minecraft account. You can get more plots by asking staff - but only do this if your other plots are really really full.

Everything from potion-tipped arrows and elytras to (Pyjama) llamas and Evokers will make your time on this server much more enjoyable. With observers and shulker boxes you can make new, updated, and better redstone builds! We hope to continue to help you have the best possible experience on Redstoner.

Here is a list of some changes to plugins included in the update:
-Chat alias now supports regex!
-/cgt is automatically disabled when you leave a chatgroup!
-Alias now works with chatgroups, adminchat, and PMs!
-The shift bypass on damnspam has been fixed!
-lagchunks is now entiry async!
-Loginsecurity is much faster!
-Tab will fix itself when a player is promoted/demoted!
-Mentios higher up on a player's list will be prioritized over lower ones!
If your mentio list looks like this:

-> NumberOne

-> NumberTwo

NumberOne will always be highlighted, NumberTwo will only be highlighted when NumberOne isn’t present. Also, that’s us. We’re number one.

A quick note: blockplacemods, friends, imbusy, calc, serversigns, reports, and signalstrength have not been implemented into the update yet, but will be soon!

Happy crafting!


Edit by Viper:
Guys, I think something was a bit overlooked in this news post. @Pepich1851 worked tirelessly to get this update rolled out. He did 99% of the work completely on his own, taking his own free time to do so. This was no easy task, as all of our previous Python modules had to finish being converted to Java, as well as updated to work on 1.11. This update would have never came anywhere near as soon as it did were it not for Pepe, so I think we all need to give him a few words of thanks for his dedication to Redstoner and commitment to you guys.



I'm gonna be HYPED for tomorrow! Thanks staff for your hard work making this possible! :D

First people are the worst

especially on forum posts. that's stupid. don't do it.

Same @HitzCritz

:o I want to make something big now

Thanks @Redempt for the edit, I was going to add it but then I saw you had. And thanks @Pepich1851 for doing so much of the work, it's really appreciated.

I don't think Viper's edit is clear enough. Thank you so much @Pepich1851 for all the hard work you've had to put in over the last few days c:

Cheers to those involved. Maybe now I can finally find out how an observer works lol. Though I must say all the bold in that paragraph is pretty gross :p

I agree @Oscargot_ :P

Ikr @Oscargot_

Umm, who decided to write plugins in python in the first place?

an idiot did, i guess

Yeah @woefiex rethink that lol

my statement still stands :p

Awesome !
I was just scared, because DamnSpam seems to require higher perms, and all my permanently damnspammed levers / buttons aren't anymore, which is a bit worrying.
Good job anyways, you're having a lot more troubles than me.

Will we keep our aliases, or will this update reset them? I got some funny jokes in there that I don't wanna lose.

you havent joined the server yet to find out @Tsskyx ?
but i guess aliases are gone now cause i lost them the last time i joined (about 1 day after we became 1.11.2)
EDIT: haven't joined since tho

@Pepich1851 yo Pep, can you somehow enable tile drops for shulker boxes? I was trying to make something wish shulker boxes and I noticed that they don't drop. Ty if u can do it(YOU CAN DO IT xD (I have faith in you))

Hey @WebStun , I have I opened a feature request for that, take a look here (and write +1)!

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