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Everything wrong with 1.11 - IMPORTANT SECURITY INFORMATION!

With the update to 1.11.2, we also remade the entirety of our plugins, including loginsecurity. Psrcek remade that module and apparently changed the data format or similar, leading to existing passwords to no longer be recognized. I hereby entirely delete the passwords database for loginsecurity. This means that if you had your account secured with a password, it is now no longer password secured. You will have to register with your password again.

Also, there were issues involving migrating several different databases, leading to data loss in logblock, damnspam and webtoken now not being able to generate any new tokens.

I apologize for the inconvenience and hope that I'll be able to fix the issues asap.

If you want to register until webtoken is fixed, send me a dm with your email ingame /mail send pepich1851 and I'll manually generate your token.


Your lovely german pep :3


Danke schön, Pep :D

Everything wrong with 1.11 in 3 minutes or less.
Excited for 1.11. I can make an elytra course now :D

Pep right now seeing all the things psr did wrong

Drop the pizza. Run.

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