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February Recap!

Only 2 Days Late ;)


  • psrcek demoted to trusted
  • minenash acquired dev


  • rockduck
  • HitzCritz

Update news:

  • This month we updated to 1.11 and except for some hiccups, it was successful.
  • Retired rank is now (temporarily) blue (#55f) on the forums.

New Modules:

  • Naming Module (/name, /lore, /anvil)
  • Illumination (/nv)
  • ClearOnJoin (/clearonjoin)
  • Challenge (/challenge)
    • Note: Module is not 100% complete.
    • To suggest challenges for now, go here.


  • Check works again.
  • Clear will no longer clear the whole inventory but spare armor and offhand.
    • Use eclear to get around the change.
  • Chatgroups now announce people leaving/joining others.
  • Chatgroups now has color support for everyone.
  • Chatgroups no longer errors out when console is not in a group.
  • Fixed cleanstone generators.
  • Fixed mentio.
  • Fixed webtoken

Just a reminder, if you had a loginsecurity™ password on your account before Feb. 7 and have not registered it again, then do so as soon as possible.


Fixing stuff is always great :P

Again @minenash since you deleted my reply, the challenege module should be auto generated and none of this required user bullcrap

I told you to put the reply in the feature request for it

Ffs make retired a suffix or something I hate this one.

Ffs Cookie, we will soon™

Fixed a little bit of spelling and grammar :P

I didnt know psrcek got demoted what has he done?

Nothing, that was the problem. :P Well be did stuff, but not what was needed.

@rockduck He was supposed to be in charge of the 1.11 update but didn't actually do anything, or put any effort into helping Pepe do it instead. Also, apparently his code was shit (I haven't seen it).

Congratulations @rockduck, @minenash and @HitzCritzagain, lol :D
Also, bye @psrcek :'(

Thanks Brub!

Also, Isn't Rman trusted too? He got it in the same day I did

Woo!! /anvil and /name got added (my post :P)

Cmon bring on the march update, fuck march

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