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March Recap

Just a day late this time :D


  • @HackerAttacker retired to join the USAF.
  • @Futsy took Hacker's position as lead.
  • @Logal rejoined the staff team and acquired mod.


Nobody, RIP.

Rule Change:

We have edited the rules a little to include this new one:

The creation, possession, distribution and/or usage of any items with the following attributes is strictly forbidden:

  • very high movement speed (high movement speed makes chunks load and unload rapidly, risking corruption and server lag).
  • potion effects or enchantments above level 10 (X) or below level -10 (this includes kill potions).
  • the invisibility potion effect.

Redstoner's Birthday!

On March 29th, we celebrated the server's 4th birthday! Not much to say about this, but here's a cake:

Img link


The spawn has (finally) been changed back from the Winter version. Thanks @Futsy!

And finally... APRIL FOOLS:

You may have noticed that the chat was a little messed up yesterday. To those of you who asked, we said we had updated Essentials, which had broken something and were working to fix things. Actually, it was a bit of fun, and probably our most elaborate joke ever. A huge thank you to @Pepich1851 for making the plugin, especially at such short notice!

Here is a screenshot for anyone who missed it:

Img link

Obligatory Small Text™ brought to you by Redstoner


Too bad that I couldn't come on yesterday :/

Also, Happy 4th birthday Redstoner! :D 🎂🎂

I came on but only after they turned it off ;_;

Also why did literally nobody do anything special on the 29th?

I was offline for a while ;-;

This pretty much sums up the community here.

Lol only 4/5 comments on a monthly thread lmao

@N7_ That's the reason why I asked this

Now 6 ;)

Also, that grammar for vanish is bad.

Who else is amped for the april recap?!

Oi, April recap

It's a day late now...

April recap is not A day late before IT is May 2nd

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