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April Recap

More stable™


  • @Minhplays has been promoted to MIT, wish him luck!
  • @YummyRedstone is now a developer and will be bringing you the long awaited website features!
  • @SmashDoesMC retired, bai o/


  • @Stone_T_Forest is now trusted rank!


Fairly soon you will not be able to use /tpa, /tsv or /sv anymore if you are in a survival world! So no cheaty teleporting anymore :D


  • stability improvements
  • API improvements
  • all the improvements
  • improvement improvements

Recent crashes

We have acknowledged frequent crashes recently, we are currently trying to solve the issues, so far it seems to be a memory leak in Spigot but we're not sure.

Obligatory Smell Text™ brought to you by Redstoner


Yay the recap was on time this month

Technically a day late for asian countries like japan but I'll let that slide

Also, we need improvements on improvements which were for improvements. :3

Congratulations @Minhplays, @YummyRedstone and @Stone_T_Forest :D

Also, bye @SmashDoesMC ;-;

Good riddance to teleport commands in the survival worlds! Not yet though... Can't wait

What did Smash do, or why?

Smash retired.. dont really know why but.. he's almost level 200 on overwatch and i'm only lvl 85.. (i've has the game twice as long as him .-.)

Aka smash got addicted to overwatch

What Burger said. I just don't enjoy playing minecraft anymore @CookieRedstone

Are you going to quit the server?
If so, we'll miss you Smash ;-;

You might see me around, but I don't want to make any promises yet :)

Aaand now I officially give up on tsv. Anyone want my base?

I guess I could, I have some level of interest in tsv.

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