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Good Night, Sweet Prince

Rip Dico

As some of you may know, @Dico200, the founder of Redstoner, is leaving us to pursue other interests. I asked all of the staff members to write a short message to him to show how much we appreciate all that he did. Here is our goodbye:

Yummy: “When I joined this server, it was only for the purpose of learning redstone. However, I soon fell in love with the community and even if I didn't use redstone or build anymore, I knew I was here to stay. I remember one time when you showed me a pixel display you were working on and I was blown away by your ability. I now have a plentitude of friends, a greater knowledge of programming, and plans for my future. Thank you for starting this server Dico, you've changed my life.

Redempt: “When I first joined this server, the first thing I did was challenge you to a redstone competition with my crappy 3x3 piston door using slime blocks. Admittedly, it was pretty fast… Later when I got MIT, you called me a skrub after I reminded you of that. You shall be missed o/

Logal: “I can't make a good quote as it would either be shitty, accidentally be an insult, or something else. Either way, you will be deeply missed by me, the staff team, and all the fine players of the wonderful Redstoner community.

Doomblah: “I only found this server because I was banned from CubeKrowd, I’d seen Dico around before on it and of course I watched all his videos. I’ve known Dico longer than Redstoner has been around, but I’ve known him better since. I wouldn’t have kept playing Minecraft if it weren’t for Redstoner, and Redstoner wouldn’t have existed without Dico, so thank you Dico for the best server ever, I’ll never forget it. Now to quote something I said to him a long time ago ‘Dico, sign my piston. After you sign it, it will be a sticky piston’. Thank you for the best 4 years of my life, I wish you the best on your future endeavours. Thank you, and goodbye.

Futsy: “I support Logals quote. (aka I am not creative enough to come up with my own)

Minh: “Well here goes nothing. The first time I ever heard of you was on Youtube. I saw many of your redstone creations and was amazed! I wanted to be just like you. So I went out in search for a server that provide that, and found a small server called Redstoner. I joined and to my surprise you were there. I have had some fun times with you derping around, but everything has to come to an end. I have always looked up to you and your redstone and will continue to do so while I am still a part of this amazing server. It has been almost 3 years since I joined the server. 3 years is a long time. In those 3 years many things have happened I completed high school, got my permit/licence, joined the military, and most of all had so many good times on the Redstoner server with all of my friends. Most if not everyone on the server are the same, not being too social and dont really like talking to people. But the server has changed that for many of us. I have many friends that frequent the server, and I talk to some on Teamspeak™ and have some really good times with them. You didn’t just make a server for people to create their redstone ideas, but a server for people who are one in the same to come on and share their ideas and make friends. In my eyes you created a whole community that is still rising to this day. I am like everyone else sad that you are leaving this great community but you will forever be remembered as the redstone god Dico200!

PJ: “When I first joined Redstoner, I was on the verge of quitting Minecraft altogether. It was sort of a last effort to find some enjoyment in it. Redstoner has done much more than that, it has quite literally changed my life. I’ve made so many amazing friends and acquaintances because of it, and I’ve matured and developed as a person during my time here so far. However, none of that would have happened (at least not quite the way that it did) if it weren’t for you, Dico. For example, I remember when you promoted me to trusted, it made my day and was a massive surprise. Thank you so much for founding such a fantastic community! I’m definitely going to miss you, I hope you hop on to say hi sometimes even though you’re busy with real life. It’s been an honour to work with you for the year or so that I did.

Minenash: "Redstoner has touched so many lives and started a vibrant community. None of it would've happened if it weren't for you. I'll definitely miss you. I hope to talk to you every once in a while."

jomo: "Thanks for bringing this whole thing to life. I met lots of nice people and learned a lot of things. Also thanks just for being a nice guy and hanging around on this and other servers back then™, you always had creative ideas to solve certain problems. Good luck with whatever you're spending your time with now 🎉"

Dico gone
Dico gone from staff boards


lmao thanks for using my title suggestion

Oh god ;-;

I only came to redstoner because I saw a video by you and sidney and I found an ip in a description of the video to redstoner, best choice I ever made. I change my attitude for the better. Been less of a jerk to people, actually started to do hobbies ( stuff like cubing ). And less of a lazy ass as I usually was. I'll miss you <3

This is so heart warming to read ;-;

It's heart warming that you responded to the thread :D

Riperoni Dico. I liked his videos and found this server and he notices me. instant favorite :D

See ya Dico!!! Good luck with life!

Bye Dico :(

Isn't it funny that there's always a point in time that a mentor always has to go... but the student knows this... and still is surprised when the mentor leaves...

Hit me up if you still want to test on me.

You will be missed :(

I guess I'll throw in something myself too. I think I need to thank you for the most for creating this server and its community as they are today. The moment that I'll remember most though was they day you gave me builder (thanks c:) and tried helping me improve my skills with zero-ticks which inspired me to build more fast shit. Although I don't play much myself anymore, I still feel that redstoner has greatly changed my life.

Thank you yam farmer,

Max :)

You've been an inspiration to a lot of people, including me. Thanks a lot for everything ;)

Or as we say 'Dank je wel'

Since everyone else is giving their two cents, I thought I might as well do the same.
Not as heartfelt because I'm a cold-hearted bastard

Thanks, Dico, for being of my main inspirations to actually get into Redstone. Although I never really had the chance to talk with you one on one, I have had a few moments to talk with you. From those experiences you seemed like a really nice and creative guy. Thanks for helping lay down the framework for such a diverse yet closely bound community and bringing many people with similar interests together. Just want to wish you the best of luck on your endeavors and hope life treats you well. :)

Hartelijk bedankt :D

Ok, I want to add my two cents too.

So, thank you Dico for all you did. Thanks for being an inspiration for a lot of people, like me and many others. Thanks for administrating this awesome server for literally four years. Thank you for making me find (using your YouTube channel) this awesome server with such a lovely community. Thank you for making Redstoner and his community what it is now.
Actually we barely talked (if I recall correctly, we chatted on the server two times xD) but you still looked a very nice guy, creative (according to your builds and your plugins) and always ready to give an helping hand when it was needed.

All of this wouldn't have existed without you so... Thank you! :)

Good luck with your life, hope to see you again sometime o/


P.s. also, thank you for giving me donor on the website <3

Just noticed... Info page for the "History of Redstoner" probably needs updating...
Other than that, IM SO SAD DICO D: D: D: HOW COULD YOU????
Other than that, Thanks so much for running the server up to now Dico c:
Other than that,


Orite, I was planning on fixing that page...

You have been a true spiritual leader for the community, and also an amazing redstoner excelling in both logic and doors. I don't think anyone will achieve such greatness anytime soon. You'll be missed a lot.

Thanks for everything :')

and thanks for builder rank lol

Oh, it really is very sad to hear such news. I still remember that day when I managed to convince my parents to buy me a Minecraft account and move on from the "cheaty free launcher". The very first thing I did was joining Redstoner, and I will never regret doing so. That just shows little of how much redstone has been an important part of my life, and you've been the door which opened my path. Thanks to you, I've been able to meet so many people it's hard to count them all. Thanks to you, I've been able to keep enjoying Minecraft, to keep wanting to improve myself, to improve my english, to keep having fun. Indirectly, you have changed my life to a way I will never be able to thank enough. I think that if, one day, I have a chance to talk to you, I will feel like I'm talking to some kind of god. You must be proud of that.
Good luck Dico, and thank you for everything!

with ArmineLove.

Hope you have a good life :'). Was good when you were still on the server, you sure are a big part of the community that we sure will miss <3.

@Dico200 when I first heard about you you were my hero, I was a true fan. I was lucky enough to somehow be on the same school as you and I had an amazing time with you when I was moderator.
You've made my time on Redstoner great and have always been an awesome guy. You've teached me stuff about java and you've even wanted to help me get better so I could fit my position. Thanks for the help buddy.

It was a pleasure to have known you.

Hope you have a good life and I miss you :C


I don't even know where to start tbh. The first time I heard about you was in a video of Mumbo back in 2014, I started watching your videos and got pretty excited about redstone. After a month or two I saw the video of you talking about your server Redstoner, so I immediately went on and joined it and started redstoning! I remember how you showed me how to make a 4x4, back than a was a newbie to redstone so I needed help(Thanks again btw). I've met so many great people in this community - this is mainly why the Redstoner is my favorite Minecraft server and it will probably continue to be. I hope you have a great time with whatever is going on in your life - best of luck (:


Update: @Logal and I have made a comments board on Dico's plot in addition to this post.

You probably don't know me much, but I sure did know you. I remember being a big fan of your Youtube channel. I found your video showing your fan server, and I wanted to try it out very badly. I even bought a MC account (I played on a cracked account) just to have a look at it. I still don't regret it. Here, I learnt the English language and got into digital logic and electronics. It's sad to hear that you quit, but I am also a bit happy for you at the same time. It is normal that you want to get to something else, and I hope that you will invest yourself into something you like.

Thank you for truly changing my life. See you again, I hope!

I hope you still make cool stuff on redstoner

P.S Remember the selfie I took with you on 10/5/2017?

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