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May recap

Officially back on schedule


  • @Sckrob is now mod in training! Wish her luck :3
  • @Dico200 has stepped down after many years of actively managing the server, not to forget starting Redstoner as we know it today!


  • @ScienceRedstone
  • @Arminecraft
  • @BrubriRedstone
  • @Shroomyjoe


As mentioned in the last recap, teleportation commands are now disabled in survivals! (Except the ones that teleport you to spawn - /tsv and /sv)
Weather was also fixed, it can rain now!


@Pepich1851 has been working tirelessly the past weeks to fix all the things and add the remaining modules back in place, I'm happy to announce that with the help of @Dico200, block-place-mods is finally back! Use the command /mod to learn more in-game.

The Essentials plugin was updated to EssentialsX which is a fork of the original plugin.

Update on server crashes

The crashes mentioned in the last recap have been fixed, turns out it was a spigot issue and updating it fixed™ everything!

There will be an inspiring quote here someday


I would have been first, but it didn't let me post a comment for some reason. Anyways, I love /mod

Yay I'm in the recap! :D Thank you staff :)

Other than that, congratulations @Sckrob, @ScienceRedstone, @Arminecraft and @Shroomyjoe! :D

Also, finally BlockPlaceMods™ is back! Couldn't wait for it! :D

And, last but not least, bye @Dico200 :(

Science was promoted? Woah I haven't seen him in ages

I'm hyped for that inspiring quote!

ohai thanks for the promotion; didn't really expect it to be so immediate but alright! :)

Well it wasn't actually, it was accepted like 2 months ago, we've been waiting for you. @ScienceRedstone
We've just given up, and desided to do it with you offline.

You could've mentioned that, while pep adapted and cleaned it up mostly, I finished blockplacemods? :D

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