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June Recap!

Happy holiday! At least for some of you.


  • @shufflesninja
  • @54956


/list and it's alias /ls got an update! It looks nicer, lists ranks better and shows staff that is spying on you watching how the server is doing on console!


You can also use /list <rank> to list people of a certain rank, including console! /staff was added as an alias for /list staff, take a guess what that does.

Some eastereggs were also added, but that is up to you to find :)

Update incoming!

Super secret

Instead of reading this Small Text™, make an AI for this


Congratulations @54956 and @shufflesninja :D

Also, the new /list is awesome, good job Pep :3

Still waiting for that inspiring quote from the last recap

If life throws you a curveball, throw a fastball at their face! >:D

Already working on that AI ;)

My holiday starts July 21st.


I like this update. Totally not biased by me in /list.
But no, seriously. EASTER EGGS!

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