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Major Redstoner Website Update!

It's about time

Hey everyone! For the last two months, I have been working on the server's website (the one you're on right now ;P), adding new features and trying to make it a better place for users. The last few weeks, I've been spending hours on search algorithms, optimizing code, etc. almost to the point of insanity. But it was all worth it, because the day is finally here!

I will list here the features I have added and how they work.

  1. UTC time option: for a few of these features, I added a new options page called "Website Settings" which is located in your edit profile page. This feature was put there. When enabled, every timestamp will be shown as an exact date (ex. 2017-04-29 15:48:24 UTC).

  2. Header scroll: This option too is in Website Settings. When enabled, your header will move with you when you scroll on a page. This feature is still experimental, so do not report any bugs as we already know of them.

  3. Dark theme: WARNING! This feature is still in development, and is not exactly the most pleasing thing at which to look. You may still enable it, however, in Website Settings.

  4. Badges: I added a badge system to match the in-game system. Previously, only donor badges existed, but now there will be retired, lead, developer, and possibly more.

  5. Who's Playing?: This feature will appear in the header, and is a page in which you can see each player on the server. This updates every time a player logs in or out, so it is a very accurate tool.

  6. Necropost warning: To prevent necroposting in forums, I have added a feature that will ask the user to confirm that they want to make their reply even if the thread or last reply was created a certain amount of time ago.

  7. Reverse replies: When in a thread, you can press the "Reverse Replies" button to, obviously, reverse the order of replies.

  8. User search: In the users page, you may use the search bar to search IGN's and nicknames. The search allows you to only use a part of the name.

  9. Thread search: honestly, this has so many functions, you can just try it out yourself. If you need assistance, just contact me or someone else who knows what they're doing.

I must give a big shoutout to @jomo, who worked with me to make my code as great as it could be when I was still learning the language, especially in thread searching. Thanks also to @LogalDeveloper, who spent hours testing and attempting to break my site. I couldn't have done it without them.

Please, please report any bugs or errors you find to the Website problems & bugs subforum, and any potentially exploitable or dangerous bugs to the Exploitable bugs subforum. I want to make sure your playing experience is as comfortable as possible.

This is not the only update that will be happening. There is still plenty of stuff to add (though I will be taking a break for a while). I will see you all on Redstoner!

Ruby on Rails is Satan incarnate


Thanks for all the work you put into this! Great features \o/

<3 you man. I couldn't have done it without you.

Ayy I likey so far :D

Mind if I request a few changes here? Or should I put them in a new feature requests? They're really well needed changes and i'd also like to know how much satisfaction you had solving the threads ;)

Feature request. Bitch.

I have no idea if this feature actually works lmao

@maxisatwqt It does.

What an awesome work! Congratulations on these changes! :D

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