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New Creative Spawn!

For several years, our creative world spawn has been comparable to a shitty orange tent. Even the likes of amateur campers and Glastonbury-goers would look upon it and laugh. However, that is no longer the case!

We have finally replaced the spawn with a much nicer-looking one, and we hope you like it as much as we do.

Here are some Fancy Shader Pictures™, courtesy of @Nemes:



Build Credits:

@LogalDeveloper (Logal would like me to mention that all he did was move it over, but I think that he's worthy of some credit for that.)

And a special thank you to @Lingooo for building the amazing statues of the staff team!


Looks great! Love the changes. I probably should clean up my plot a bit to give it a better backdrop though :/

gif of spawn!
Not embedding it because its 100 MB and lags like hell...

@Nemes Damn, that looks good.

Dammit, the new spawn is just great! Good job to all the team who worked on it, it's wonderful! :D

This new spawn is super cool ^_^

Looks great :D

But does it look good without the clear water?

@Potvis Looks fine for me with my shaders off and using the default texture pack. Sorry for the late reply.

There's one sandstone block in the second picture (stuck to the 'road') and it gets me TRIGGERED.

it reminds me of my amazinging face

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