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July Recap

Everyone is dead!


  • @Sckrob is now full mod! :D
  • @Yummy_ retired from his developer position.


  • nobody D:

Creative spawn update!

Creative spawn got a complete rebuild! Check it out at /cr or the blog post!

Website update!

The website got a huge update! Amongst many additions, we have Who's Playing?, Dark theme (experimental) and a search feature! For more detailed information be sure to go check out the original post and thank @Yummy_ for most of the new features. He did a great job!

Build Team!

There now is a Redstoner Build Team, responsible for content creation for our social media. Currently @Ralp is the head of the Build Team, if you want to join or have any questions feel free to ask either him or me (@Pepich1851).



breaking news, there's a wild d0an spookin round the forums :o

Hola, miney :D

And for the third time in a row the news post isn't delayed!

woot woot

Congratulations @Sckrob :D

EDIT: also, I really feel in love with the new spawn and the new website (thanks a lot @Yummy_ for that :D)

wait wait wait - lemme get this right.

nobody is trusted?

also can someone feed the pet dragon cos like im 3 lazy 5 feeding it

The work you did on the website is very much appreciated @Yummy_

Dico, got a lil' question. What's going to happen to the better plotme called Parcels

PS: Read edit before getting your salt ready.

edit: clicked comment to fast on my ipad wups

From what I remember, the main reason we didn't change over is because of an import big that wouldn't allow it to read the full UUID and we couldn't find out why.

You forgot to mention the 1.12 update by the way :3


Im builder :DDD!
(lol iv'e been on for a week and a 1/2 XD)

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