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November Recap

Halloween = Christmas; 31 OCT = 25 DEC

Staff Changes

  • @Dico200 has returned to his previous roles of admin and developer. Welcome back!

  • @LogalDeveloper is now (officially) a web dev :D

  • @Sckrob has sadly retired due to personal reasons. She may return to the team in the future.

Trusted Promotions

  • @SacredRedstone

Spawn Fix and Update

It was brought to our attention recently that crops in spawn could be trampled- this has now been fixed.

We have also changed our main spawn to its Christmas version! Here are some screenshots, courtesy of Logal:

I thought you were posting this PJ.


2 things:

1:First comment

2:nice spawn i like it

Take screenshots in 70 FOV next time plz

@minenash I was going to post it, but I asked for any last changes first and nobody said anything so I was going to wait until I got up today. But whatever.

Well it was past midnight for you, do I assumed you weren't going to post it. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Fair game :P

You forgot the new Lols again, just sayin :p

Logal originally had it in there, but we decided: "lol no".

You probably remember this.

I haven't seen that thread but when someone mentioned having new lols in the recaps, I said if people care then they can look in the lol requests thread. It's rather trivial information.

SacredRedstone is Trusted once again. I knew the day would come. Rejoice.

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