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Introducing BigPlots!

On Wednesday or Thursday we rolled out BigPlots. A plot world that's made up of 311x plots, which is over 3 times the width and 9 times the area of normal plots! These plots are limited to Builders and above.

There are two temporary rules that will be in effect until March 29 @ 17:54:47 UTC

  • When you claim a plot you have to use the plot for something within the first 48h. If you fail to do anything, your plot will most likely be reset.
  • Trusted may only have 1 BigPlot. This will most likely be changed back to 2 after this date.

Due to these rules being made today, but BigPlots being made public yesterday, the 48h time window started at midnight UTC for any plots claimed before now.
Also remember, if you have a valid reason to get another plot, normal or big, regardless of your rank, you can ask for another one. However make sure it is a valid reason.

This is only the beginning.

Side Note: The Ignore Module and it's companion The Chat Module will most likely be running on production by Sunday/Monday. For info on what these modules do, check out the module wiki.


Is the big-plotworld going to replace the other one in the future?

also yay first

Is the big-plotworld going to replace the other one in the future?

The world is Builder+ from what I've inferred, although it wouldn't surprise me if this world ends up completely replacing the default world for people that are Builder.

FeelsBadMan, would've loved to have landscaped on plots that size. Oh well lool.

Btw, why 311x311?

Btw, why 311x311?

Chuck aliment

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