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March Recap

This recap is on time. April Fools!

Staff Changes:

  • @Yummy_ retired. We wish him the best of luck and hope to see him again every once in a while.


  • @Anya03

Redstoner's Lustrum Anniversary

On March 29th, Redstoner turned 5! While not much happened, we did change our spawn to a giant cake fest:

April Fools:

We're Synergy now, or we were on the first; in a collaboration with Synergy we switched servers:



"March Recap"

shows April Fools joke

@Jrddino, It was March for anyone in the West Hemisphere

Edit: with a few exceptions.

True i never thought of that lol

The guy in the third screenshot had a fantastic reaction, lmao.

Well done, I loved this joke!.

We had a lot of fun collaborating with you guys for April Fools! Even more hilarious to me than the confusion players experienced for their first couple minutes was people who were in on the joke getting tricked hours after realizing what was going on.

April and May recap? :p

Summer techally starts either today or tomorrow, expect a Spring recap soon.

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