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Spring Recap

Are we switching to seasonal recaps? No

Staff Changes

  • @Rman has just started his training as mod. Wish him bad good luck on his path to full moditude.


  • @SpaceWalkerRS

New Redstoner Emails

We now have emails based on the main domain. Here they are:

  • staff member ign AT - Can be used to contact a staff member directly.
  • contact AT - Sends an email to the entire staff team.
  • no-reply AT - Used for notification emails. Don’t reply, as the replies don’t go to anyone.
  • appeal AT - If you want to make an appeal, but don‘t have a forums account, this is the way to go.

Please use these responsibly, or there may be consequences.

Website Two Factor Authentication

If you've logged in to the site recently, you may have noticed a new TOTP code field. You can now set up 2FA on your website account, which requires entering a unique code from your phone as an extra security step when logging in. All staff members are required to have this feature enabled.

Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

While we never really wrote it down anywhere until now, we've been transparent on how we used/stored your data. Now it is in words! You can find the Privacy Policy here and the soon to come ToS here.


Congratulations @Rman and @SpaceWalkerRS! :D

Hey, just to add on, I can also be reached at pj at in addition to my IGN.

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W e ' v e c r e a t e d a p r i v a c y p o l i c y.

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