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Doomsday Inbound!

This is a notice to all players that on Wednesday, July 25th, 2018 we will be having major maintenance of our server.

We will be performing what is essentially a factory reset. The simple explanation of what we will be doing is as follows: export all Redstoner data, reinstall the operating system, then install everything back.

Just note that this is only a factory reset of the server hardware. We hope The Minecraft worlds and website data will be unaffected. TeamSpeak, however, will be reset to clean up the mess that it is.

On that Wednesday, all of our services will be unavailable. A temporary Minecraft server will be set up for everyone to use to make the time pass faster. The address of that will be announced at a later date. We plan to have at least our website and main Minecraft server back up on the same day.


Bro my 1x1 piston door better not be deleted

umm it is a future date, 2 days later, so what is the ip of the backup server?

I'm replying because I want to get the notification of the temporary IP.

The temporary server might be reachable through the known redstoner domain, but in either case will be set up to work.

Well thank frick I found this I tried logging in on Wednesday and was like oh shet when I couldn’t get in. Glad to see that we didn’t get ddos-ed or something

Do we have an ETA of when the server will be back up?

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