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2018 Recap

My 2018 resolution is to stop making off by 1 errors

Staff Changes

  • @Pepich1851 retired from administrator (Thanks for being a major backbone of the server, and paying for it)
  • @Yummy_ retired from moderator
  • @LogalDeveloper got promoted to Staff Lead
  • @Rman promoted to MIT then full Moderator
  • @Aberdeener promoted to MIT

Trusted Promotions

  • @Aberdeener
  • @2xjtn
  • @SpaceWalkerRS
  • @Anya03
  • @Largaas


World Downloads

After another full year of building and surviving, we're restarting the survival worlds once again, but this time with a world newly generated in 1.13. Have fun in the water!

If however you feel very attached to what you did in 2018, you can download the worlds here (link will be added soon™) and you can continue to play it at home!

The Big 1.13 Update

We have been working quite hard over the past couple of weeks updating (or even rewriting) all of our modules to work in 1.13. And after a whole day of having really messed up plot ownership, it's finally ready! So now that it's out, what's new?


We've made our own mail module! Packed with features, and a better looking GUI too. Instead of trying to list all of the features, here's a video instead:


  • Added Silent AFK. Now you can go afk without spamming chat!
  • Reformatted the afk area in /seen. It now shows how long someone has been AFK for, and the reason.


  • You can now spawn in minecarts using the /minecart command.
  • Allowed minecarts are normal, chest, furnace, hopper, tnt, command, and mob spawners.


  • Added /discord
  • Running that will generate an 8 digit code, which RedstonerBot on the discord will then use to prove you are who you say you are. Gone are the days of telling an online staff member your 4 digits or using a lapis block!


  • We made a teleport module to replace essential's.
  • Easy handling of more than one request.
  • Clickable accepts and denies.
  • Ability to block tpa's and/or tpahere's


In order to get the 1.13 update out as soon as possible, we switched our plot plugin from PlotMe to PlotSquared. Some commands handle differently and PlotSquared has different features, so for your convenience the wiki page can be found here.


  • Added /undoreport (/retractreport), allowing you to fix that typo, or whatever other reason you'd want to retract it.
  • Added Random Aliases, you can now do /alias add -rnd [-r] <keyword> <replacements>
    • To separate the replacements use " | " (including the spaces).
  • Added /chatonly, which shows that you can only chat and not interact. (Like, if you were using MineChat)
  • We rewrote BlockPlaceMods, and along with it actually working in 1.13, we updated its style to match the rest of the modules.
  • Messages for joining from and leaving between our servers (stoner, pvp) now follow our join message format! (Had to write a whole bungee plugin!)
  • Added WorldBorder Module. Not much to say here, all it does is replace the plugin WorldBorder
  • Both of the Build Team's modules has been removed, because of the now lack of a Build Team.
  • The IP section in our /check is now more informative, to help lessen the amount of mass-ban evaders!
  • Improved errors in the Log module. Now it's easier to search the logs for ban appeals!
  • Allowed terminating a log search mid-search.
  • Fixed an annoying bug in /signalstrength where if you did the command again on the same chest, but with a different strength, it wouldn't update the name.
  • Fixed bug where if your display name was the same as your username, that name would be in your mentio list twice.
  • Important: Maps have been reset! A while ago we hit the limit of maps, we hope by the next time we get to that many maps (years later), the limit will be higher, or there would be a way to increase it.



We'll soon be adding a Skyblock world. This was initially planned for the 1.13 update, but we were already late with the New Year Update, that we decided to wait.


We got some stuff in our pipeline, including, but not limited to, more settings in BPMs, command alias, infinite chests, some improvements to DamnSpam, and slowly replacing all of essentials.


This year, Parcels should finally be coming to production, and all of its lovely features, and Redstoner feel. And we hope by the end of the year to rid our server from essentials.


ServerSigns when?

The feature will come in our Scripts Module, but that's not a thing that will be released soon, so in the mean time, we might add the plugin back.

Wait is 1.13 compatible with 1.13.2?

We updated to 1.13.2

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