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January Recap

Our devs being active? What is this sorcery‽

Staff Changes

  • @Aberdeener somehow passed his interview and is now a full mod. 🎉


We finally deployed the Dicord Module and the corresponding Discord Bot!
Just do /discord to get your token, and then type it into #rank-sync

Thank You Donors!

In a 6 to 1 vote, all donors now have color!
Also, this is the new section where we list who donated over the past month.

  • @RedstoneMaster78
  • @Aur1ge_
  • @KingIceCream

Module Changes

  • Added Survival Module
    • Added Majority-Sleep (50%+)
  • Added world-specific arrow colors
    • Survival has a green(&2) arrow
    • Trusted Survival has a blue(&9) arrow
    • Everywhere else has the standard grey(&7) arrow that we all know and love
  • Allowed Mentios to work in any chat command
  • Fixed and deployed Discord Module
  • Now possible to change your AFK reason without un-AFKing
  • Added (optional) boolean to AFK to ignore player movements
  • Updated the Naming Module
    • Due to a MC/Spigot bug, /anvil has been removed
    • Using /name and /lore now requires 1 level
  • Added to BlockPlaceMods
    • Repeater - When true, will place the repeater where the output is facing towards you
    • Comparator - Same as above, but with the comparator instead
  • Tons and Tons of Bug Fixes™

Coming soon To Disney DVD

These features didn't make the end of the month, but they should be ready for deploying very soon™.

  • Welcome back Friends Module!
  • ImBusy also returning!
  • Loginsecurity having even better security!
  • Changing the cost of /name and /lore again
    • Will still cost 1 level, however using color/formatting will now require a 2nd level.
    • The commands now also cost iron (1 iron ingot per command).

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👏 was a good month indeed

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